MMOitus interuptus

Regular readers may have noticed a distinct lack of posts about Fallen Earth and Champions Online recently.

I just wanted to very briefly explain that I’m not posting because I’m not playing, but the reason I’m not playing has nothing to do with interest level in the games.

I have a semi-chronic condition with my left arm — I’d say it was carpal tunnel except it isn’t in my wrist, it’s higher up my arm. My upper arm starts to really ache and my fingers start to go numb, and WASD (and to a lesser extent, typing in general) aggravates the condition when it flares up. And I’m in the middle of a doozy of a flareup right now.

I work at a keyboard all day (I’m a web developer by trade) and I write posts for ITWorld; neither of those activities can be curtailed. So the only ‘break’ I can give myself is to stop PC gaming and stop ‘recreational’ writing until things calm down.

So sadly, frustratingly, that’s where I am now. I keep logging in to Fallen Earth because I’m so drawn to it, then after 10 minutes my arm is really hurting so I log off.

Thankfully I have console games to get me through. Using a controller doesn’t bother me (different muscles I guess?). Oh, for an MMO on console. C’mon Turbine! C’mon SOE! Get those console MMOs finished!

Anyway. I just didn’t want anyone to construe my lack of posts with me losing interest in either of the games I’ve been talking about recently. Quite the contrary…I’m itching to play (and post). I just can’t right now. Hopefully I’ll be back soon!

7 thoughts on “MMOitus interuptus

  1. If you’re getting RSI symptoms from the keyboard, the culprit is probably the (notoriously bad for your hands) stretch key combinations (Alt-whatever, Ctrl-whatever, etc.) and you’re feeling it most while you press. WSAD could cause it if you’re more tense / pushing harder while gaming, but it’s just as likely exasperating a problem already there.

    Resting your hands is the best solution to RSI. Reduce inflammation, etc..

    If you can’t get away from your keyboard altogether, I’d recommend getting some sort of physiotherapy. That’s probably a good idea regardless actually.

    I’m not doctor that’s for sure, just have a disability on my right hand so I’m familiar by experience, heh.

  2. I would recommend trying an Xbox 360 controller for Champions Online, it might help!

    I often have a similar issue with my shoulder if I rest my arm in certain position on my desk while playing. It does suck, so you have my sympathy. Hurry back as soon as your able. 🙂

  3. Have you tried those silicon gel pad thingo’s?

    I started having problems in my right elbow a few weeks ago. Resting it on the pad made a world of difference. I’ve also got a smaller one for my left wrist, which also seems to help stave off the aches that I get without it.

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