Demigod warning!

Remember this post when I became so enchanted with Demigod from the rich backstory?

I was so excited by it that I did something I never do these days. I bought the game at launch, rubbing my hands with glee at the thought of diving into that richly crafted world.

And, as is so often the case, got burned badly for rushing in.

Demigod is not a game that takes place in a rich fantasy world. It’s a tournament game… like a kind of RTS bloodsport. If you’ve played something like Unreal Tournament with a big announcer voice booming out “RAMPAGE!” and crap like that while you play, then you’ve got the feel of Demigod’s structure.

There is no campaign, no fiction… just “Pick a side… FIGHT.” Then get a score.  There’s also no tutorial and the camera controls suck. It locks up if you try to skip the intro stuff, too.

If you’re primarily a multiplayer gamer, then it might be an excellent choice. But as a single player game, it’s… well, pretty damned non-existent. My fault for not researching the matter more thoroughly.

Caveat emptor.

4 thoughts on “Demigod warning!

  1. Thanks for the heads up.

    I was going to break my basic rule and buy a standalone game, that wasn’t a Blizzard title for this one. I may just wait and see how it develops and pick it up in the bargin basement.

    Your sacrifice has been appreciated 😉


    “Hi gang!

    What an exciting day! I’ve spent literally the last 40 or so hours playing Demigod on-line or working with people on the Demigod in game chat to show them how to debug some issue or other with either their PC, their router, or some flaw in Demigod.

    For those of you having trouble getting multiplayer games going, I apologize.

    You know, funny thing about running a game developer/publisher. You look at every game that launches with some multiplayer connectivity problem or some server overload problem or whatever and think “Good grief, didn’t they see this coming!?” Well, it turns out apparently that no, no matter how well prepared you think you are, there are always going to be issues.”

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