How to sell me a game

Until 1o minutes ago, I hadn’t given Demigod, the upcoming Gas-Powered Game, a second thought.

And then I read this:

It was in this climate of despair that a man came to offer his services to the Fathers of Belrond. Fifteen hands across at the shoulders, tall enough to fill the garrison’s archway, and carrying a mallet the size of a birthday breadloaf, he called himself Mard Hammerhand. He was not a native of Belrond, nor were his features familiar to anyone who had traveled abroad, but his ready smile and booming laugh dissolved all barriers of mistrust.
Demigod Origins: The Rook

And now suddenly I’m all excited about the game. Hook me with good fiction/world building, keep me with great gameplay. Now granted, it remains to be seen if the latter will be delivered, but at least this piece was enough to get my attention.

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