Rune Factory Frontier – Day 29 (Wii)

On Day 29, I finally, barely, scraped together enough lumber to get Kross to add a dedicated Forge area to my house. I needed 240 lumber, and I had exactly 240. Late in the evening on Day 28 I realized that my existing axe *could* break down tree stumps into lumber if I was persistent enough. Had I not risked a pile of Rune Points on this discovery, I never would have made it.

Tomorrow is the end of Spring, and a Holiday. I believe I have enough gold to buy an updated Forge from Lute, the salesman who only visits on Holidays. This should allow me to craft better tools and weapons. I have a great amount of iron and scrap iron stored up. Not much copper and nothing more precious, aside from the odd gemstone or two.

I’ve pre-purchased my first run of Summer seeds. I think early summer will be spent digging out all the tree stumps in my field (how do these things grow, anyway…every day there are more!); half of it is over-run with stumps and boulders.

A few mysteries plague me. First is the small purple elephant who has taken up residence in the vestibule of my barn. I first met him in a dungeon. He wasn’t aggressive and I let him be. When I returned from my outing, there he was, hanging out in the barn. He’s gentle but is resistant to brushing or any other kind of interaction. Hmmm.

Second, on Whale Island I found a tower, and spied a young lady watering the plants outside of it. Before I could reach her, she’d gone inside the tower, and no amount of effort would get her to reappear.

These mysteries will have to wait until I get the summer planting in order. It’s going to be a busy few days. Oh! Did I mention I tamed two more monsters? One produces wool, the other milk. That reminds me, perhaps Lute will sell me a “Maker” that will turn wool into yarn.

Oh yes, and not one, but two bunches of flowers were given to me. I extracted seeds from both, but each is a Spring variety of flower. When I can find time I’m going to plant them in the Green Ruins, where it is eternally spring. I’m sure I can make some friends with fresh flowers.

3 thoughts on “Rune Factory Frontier – Day 29 (Wii)

  1. Oh man, that sounds SO interesting! Can’t afford console… Though the tax money is just around the corner (so we left it to the last minute, sue us!). Argh!

    Am going to have to look this game up in more detail, so your work here is done. 😉

  2. Ehhh, I forgot one important detail. I know I’m going to be lambasted for this, but I don’t like handhelds. 🙁

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