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So I’ve been pondering the PvP (or RvR, if you prefer) vs PvE question, as it applies to my own play styles. Specifically after others pointed out (accurately) that PvP requires player skill to do well at. For every PvP encounter, one human wins, one human loses. In RvR, one […]

So I sprang for a 60-day timecard for Warhammer Online via that Black Friday deal. I’m not exactly sure when I’ll use it though; pretty sure it won’t be until after the 1st of the year at the earliest. I’ve been reading the blogs of some of the folks who […]

Absolutely nothin! OK, that’s not literally true but I needed to say it to invoke the classic song. You young’uns will just have to trust me. Anyway I spent the weekend alt-hopping, and I’m growing increasingly disillusioned with melee DPS classes in Warhammer Online for doing RvR (they do great […]

Today Mythic added some experience rewards for capturing a Keep, so the Casualties of War decided to go see what that was all about. We had Tier 3 and Tier 2 groups roving the RvR Lakes; I was with the T2 groups. Great fun. For the record my Rank 15 […]

Tonight on Averheim, Destruction took another shot at Altdorf. In fact the battle rages as I type this (slain by the bedtime monster!). I was determined to get involved, so off I went, a mighty rank 15 Witch Hunter ready to kick some Destruction ass! OK not really. I knew […]

So last night, I was feeling pretty cranky and unsociable, but I still needed my daily War fix. I logged on for some solo fun. I was thinking “Log in, kill monsters, log off.” Turns out it isn’t easy to solo in Warhammer. And by that I don’t mean that […]

So last night I got together with some guildies to do Tier 1 Open World RvR in Warhammer Online. This was the first time I’ve done ‘organized’ Open World RvR since launch, and the first time I’ve done it with a character I’d ‘grown’ naturally. (We did a lot of […]

Tonight I got my first real taste of “open world RvR” in Warhammer Online. I mean, I did plenty of it in beta testing, but when you get handed a level 30 or 40 character and go bash other people who are all level 30 or 40, it just isn’t […]