A taste of RvR

Tonight I got my first real taste of “open world RvR” in Warhammer Online.

I mean, I did plenty of it in beta testing, but when you get handed a level 30 or 40 character and go bash other people who are all level 30 or 40, it just isn’t the same as going out there with the character that you grew from level 1, and who is going to be encountering opponents both higher and lower than he is.

It really brought back memories of pre-Battlegrounds WoW PvP, and I mean that as a compliment. I wasn’t even grouped, just moving *with* a group, and trying to do some quests while dodging baddies, or ambushing them, depending on circumstances. This was in Tier 1, mind you. It was so great to see stuff happening in T1 RvR! Early on I did a bunch of quests in the High Elf T1 RvR areas, and never even saw another player.

I was also playing as a Witch Hunter, a class that has always called to me and that I have, for mostly silly reasons, resisted until now. I’ve actually rolled a WH on not one but two different RP servers, because I really wanted to “RP” a Witch Hunter. But I keep playing on Averheim, so I was ‘saving’ the Witch Hunter until such time as I moved to an RP server. But CoW is turning out to be such a good guild that I’ve abandoned all other servers..well anyway, no matter.

Point I’m trying to get at is that the Witch Hunter is incredibly fun. His basic pistol shot has a snare effect when it hits someone in the back, and he can shoot while running, so he’s pretty useful in RvR even when outmatched, since he can snare fleeing bad guys. (My Shadow Warrior has a snare shot as well, but he has to stand still to fire it off.)

And when it comes in to close up fighting, the WH has a nice variety of melee and close range pistol shots. Just great fun all around.

My only fear now is the scenarios are going to feel dull after tonight!

One thought on “A taste of RvR

  1. Scenarios won’t feel dull — the advantage they have is they’re on-demand and time-limited. Also, New Emskrank is sort of special for T1 RvR — which is where I’m assuming you were? It’s always hopping, it’s compact, and there’s a lot of back and forth zergination going on.

    So far (from the heights of my own experience, hah), I’d say world RvR is a lot more adrenaline-rushy but scenarios are there when you need em. (At least on Order, at least on Averheim, etc.)

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