Warpapers at Flickr

[EDIT: I just realized that Flickr borks wallpapers. The largest size they offer is still a reduced size. I’ll have to come up with a better solution.]

[EDIT #2: Photobucket doesn’t resize images smaller than 1 meg if you fiddle with the album settings, so here you go: http://photobucket.com/dragonchasers

I set up a “Wallpaper” set at Flickr where I’ll be storing various full-sized “landscape” shots from Warhammer (and other MMOs). If you’re playing the game, you probably can create your own, but other folks might like to see what the world offers.

Wallpaper Set

And a ‘cropped’ set of generic Warhammer shots.

One thought on “Warpapers at Flickr

  1. Pete, I don’t suppose you could mail me the Norsca Woods one? The biggest size they have for downloading is 1024×640 and I’m thinking those are much higher, which would look a lot better on my 1900×1200 desktop. 😀

    One of these days we’re going to need to talk gfx settings too. I turned a bunch of stuff off/down thinking they didn’t work with WAR, but my info is probably several months out of date. You screenies are superb.

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