New Wallpaper repository: Photobucket

A few posts ago I mentioned I was putting some Warhammer “wallpapers” on Flickr. Well it turns out Flickr resizes images on you. Grrr.

But Photobucket is a bit more forgiving. It won’t resize files smaller than 1 meg in size. Problem is my wallpapers are about a meg and a half. So I had to resave them at 95% compression to get them to fit under the 1 meg limit. This costs a bit of the ‘pop’ of the original, but for now its the best I can do. I guess I need to install a gallery here at DC.

Anyway, here’s my new Photobucket page with some random Warhammer “landscape” wallpapers for you. All are 1680×1050. More to come when I get around to processing them!

Here’s a couple samples:

Norsca Woods Altdorf Docks Dwarf Span

Warpapers at Flickr

[EDIT: I just realized that Flickr borks wallpapers. The largest size they offer is still a reduced size. I’ll have to come up with a better solution.]

[EDIT #2: Photobucket doesn’t resize images smaller than 1 meg if you fiddle with the album settings, so here you go:

I set up a “Wallpaper” set at Flickr where I’ll be storing various full-sized “landscape” shots from Warhammer (and other MMOs). If you’re playing the game, you probably can create your own, but other folks might like to see what the world offers.

Wallpaper Set

And a ‘cropped’ set of generic Warhammer shots.