New Wallpaper repository: Photobucket

A few posts ago I mentioned I was putting some Warhammer “wallpapers” on Flickr. Well it turns out Flickr resizes images on you. Grrr.

But Photobucket is a bit more forgiving. It won’t resize files smaller than 1 meg in size. Problem is my wallpapers are about a meg and a half. So I had to resave them at 95% compression to get them to fit under the 1 meg limit. This costs a bit of the ‘pop’ of the original, but for now its the best I can do. I guess I need to install a gallery here at DC.

Anyway, here’s my new Photobucket page with some random Warhammer “landscape” wallpapers for you. All are 1680×1050. More to come when I get around to processing them!

Here’s a couple samples:

Norsca Woods Altdorf Docks Dwarf Span