Keep Cap Exp, huzzah!

Today Mythic added some experience rewards for capturing a Keep, so the Casualties of War decided to go see what that was all about. We had Tier 3 and Tier 2 groups roving the RvR Lakes; I was with the T2 groups.

Great fun. For the record my Rank 15 Witch Hunter got 2300 exp for taking a keep (and 700 renown). My understanding is that at 15 he’s pretty much getting the max, and honestly given the organizational time, cost (for siege machines), and difficulty, it should be more, but this is a step in the right direction at least.

In all the excitement I only took a couple of screenshots, and none of them at the Keeps, but here is our merry band standing around “defending” a Battlefield Objective. (No Destruction types were silly enough to try to take it back.) We had 1 full warband of maybe 75% CoW members, and a second Warband that I’m thinking was about 2 groups. Keep battles were still a challenge since some of us were in Vent, some not, and there were 2 warbands so /shout was the best way to communicate (we probably should’ve created a channel…an idea that only just now occurred to me). Plus the design of the keeps can make it hard to bring all troops to bear at once…

Anyway, click for a much larger version:

One thought on “Keep Cap Exp, huzzah!

  1. 2300 compared to the 6000 one can get from simple scenarios is definitely still in need of tweaking. But it’s a big step in the right direction.

    I’d preferably like to see Keep Capturing match the XP given by winning scenarios. There’s a lot more work involved as you said.

    It was fun last night! Except for of course my 2 black screens of death. I hope that was a fluke, because I’m itching to do some PQs or RvR tonight too.

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