Improving OpenRvR in Warhammer

Jobildo has a great post up outlining some ideas to make OpenRvR in Warhammer more appealing than it is now. It is (unsurprisingly) a well thought-out post and you should go read it if you haven’t already.

I was honestly a bit shocked when I learned how much exp you can get from playing a scenario mini-game. Now I understand why everyone does them over and over until they start talking about the boredom of grinding scenarios.

Note to Mythic: When players start putting the word “grinding” ahead of one aspect of your game, it’s time for you to pay attention. For many (not all) players, Grinding isn’t an affectionate term.

Note to Players: We’ve seen evidence that Mythic listens and responds to player feedback. So don’t get discouraged! As Moltke said, keenly anticipating the age of the MMORPG, No battle plan survives contact with the enemy and WAR is a matter of expedients. I’m pretty sure Mythic’s battle plan didn’t anticipate people ignoring 3/4ths of the world in order to sit in a scenario queue all night, and that they’ll continue to refine the game until players are enjoying all aspects of it. Mythic’s method seems to be to slowly add bonuses rather than to go overboard and then have to nerf. Smart fellas.

What can we do? Provide feedback to Mythic, either on forums or in blog posts. Link to good posts like Jobildo’s to get it more attention. Make some noise and let Mythic know we want to be able to progress at a reasonable pace via OpenRvR!

It will come in time. WAR is Everywhere and Everwhen. It isn’t going anywhere; at least not anytime soon.

3 thoughts on “Improving OpenRvR in Warhammer

  1. Thanks for the link and the kind words, Pete!

    It’s been great to see how quickly and with what agility Mythic’s been able to address concerns. But as you pointed out in an earlier post, I think the 2300 xp for capping a keep is simply too little. In the grand scheme of things, it’s disproportionate with what’s being given out every 5-10 minutes for scenarios.

    Scenarios are fun. But I don’t want to feel obliged to do just them.

    Open RvR is fun. But when I feel like making some progress for my character, it’s almost better to avoid it and play solely scenarios or PvE.

    I’d much rather spend most of my game-time in Open RvR, but fun as it is… I’d also like to progress my character.

    Boost Open RvR. Do it for the children!

  2. As long as they boost RvR and don’t nerf scenarios. I don’t grind ANYTHING. It’s just not my way… In fact I have never been able to understand why people login to a game and then do something over and over because it is the most “efficient” way to level and then complain because they are bored…. Uh, it’s a game, not a race. If what you are doing isn’t fun, then don’t do it anymore!

    “Doc, it hurts when I do this.” “Well, then don’t DO that!” – An ancient joke, but true.

  3. As Khan did over at my blog, I’ll call upon Bartle for why repetition of scenarios works for some… it’s the swiftest way to acheive the leveling goals for one’s character in WAR. If you’re a Type-A Bartle player, scenarios are a no brainer.

    They find that fun, they measure they’re time spent in that aspect of the game (gaining levels, achievement). If scenarios are the fastes/easiest way to do this, there’s little wonder as to why they’re the norm.

    As Cyndre on our forums put it, they need to nip it in the bud sooner rather than later. I’m not calling for Scenarios to be nerfed, I’m just calling for Open RvR to give more “candy” to the player for pushing its buttons. That WILL get people engaging more there, and in scenarios less.

    Make Open RvR the prime way to PvP, as it should be in WAR, as it was intended to be when they delayed the game last year.

    Right now, it’s fun as heck, more fun than anything I’ve played in recent years… when you can find a fight. 🙂

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