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In a way I picked the worst time to return to Final Fantasy XIV. There’s a new expansion officially out on Tuesday and early access started Friday, I believe. Not only does this mean the servers are congested with login queues and disconnects, but the game was down for a […]

With all the major press events over (Nintendo has some recorded thing they’ll let into the wild later this morning, but since they can’t manage to get their hardware on store shelves they’re irrelevant to me, and this post is 100% subjective personal opinion) I’m sitting her ruminating on E3 […]

Yesterday Microsoft revealed the official name of Project Scorpio: the Xbox One X. They also revealed the price: $499. Of course everyone is talking about whether the console is worth it. Funny thing about that question: “Is it worth it?” It can really mean two things. First it can mean […]

There’s no denying I’m weird. After buying both DiRT 4 and a 60-day subscription to Final Fantasy XIV in the last 10 days, yesterday I suddenly had the thought: I should play Assassin’s Creed II. Why? I have no idea! I started AC2 back on the PS3 but as is […]

Transitioning from rally racing to buggies on a short track was not without its challenges.

Through an unexpected sequence of events I won’t recount here, I’m back playing Final Fantasy XIV. I have the weirdest history with FFXIV which I also won’t recount, but for all intents and purposes I went back to the game as a total noob. Couldn’t remember how to play so […]

I’ve been interested in Dirt Rally for a while now but always avoided it because I kept hearing about how difficult it was. One reviewer called it “the Dark Souls of racing games.” I know myself well enough to admit that I’d probably never get good enough at Dirt Rally […]

What a slog that was. I started playing Fairy Fencer F Advent Dark Force in December, after getting it for cheap in a Black Friday Sale last November. Initially I liked it. It was goofy and kind of crude but it made me laugh. Fifty-ish hours later, my feelings have […]

The Open Beta for Marvel Heroes Omega on PS4 starts today, though as of right now it’s not showing up in the store yet. I’ve had a lot of fun with this game and recommend you at least give it a try. If you don’t like it, you haven’t spent anything, right?

A couple of quick tips on managing inventory in the console version of Marvel Heroes. Most of you are probably already aware of these but if like me you get tunnel vision and don’t notice shortcuts….