October 2023

The end of October kind of snuck up on me and I haven’t been taking notes during the month, so I guess this is going to be a short recap. Particularly since things haven’t changed all that much since last month.

For the first half of October I stuck to my new “system” and kept playing the same 4 games I’d been playing in September:

  1. Starfield
  2. The Witcher 3
  3. Final Fantasy XVI
  4. Persona 4 Golden

But cracks started showing in my system because even though three of these are great games (sorry FF XVI, I’m just not that into you) I was still starting to get bored playing the same stuff for what was approaching 3 months at that point. I think I’ve learned that I need fewer games in my rotation so I actually make progress, or at least mix in a couple of shorter games.

Anyway for some reason about halfway through the month I started playing Snowrunner. This is a game I own on Xbox but when it hit Playstation Plus Extra I decided to do a fresh start. Turns out I like it more on Playstation for a strange reason: the speaker in the controller. In Snowrunner you drive around in beefy but not-very-elegant trucks and when the gears shift, you get a nice metallic clanking from the speaker in the controller. And since generally the controller is down below your head, it sounds right: it sounds like these clanks are coming from the transmission. I know I’m being really strange here but that was enough to make the game more enjoyable for me.

I’m super addicted to Snowrunner but it isn’t something I’d generally recommend as it can be very slow-moving. Once, I got a truck stuck in some water and it took me 2 nights of playing to retrieve it. The basic idea is you have to drive around in very rough terrain (in the starter areas there’s been a flood and you’re trying to help with recovery) doing tasks that earn you experience and cash that you use to upgrade your trucks in order to do more difficult tasks. I guess it falls into the ‘simulation game’ genre which generally isn’t well represented on consoles.

I of course forget to take screenshots but here’s a video clip. This isn’t actually typical gameplay. I was tasked with ‘rescuing’ the red truck but the mud was too deep for me to reach it AND get enough traction to tow it out. So I kind of did this daisy chain maneuver. If this looks fun you might like Snowrunner. If this looks tedious, well let’s just say that PartPurple sees me playing this game and just shakes her head sadly and tries to figure out what is wrong with me that I find this to be entertaining. 🙂

Anyway, I’m having fun. Also been doing a bit more VR gaming. Drums Rock on the PSVR got a little expansion pack of songs so I’ve been playing a bit of that, and dabbling in Asgard’s Wrath on PCVR. November is a big month for VR though. Looking forward to Power Wash Simulator in VR, as well as the VR Assassin’s Creed game.


We drifted away from both Invasion and The Changeling on Apple TV+, mostly because we ‘caught up’ on them both. We’re not great about watching shows week by week. We always switch to something where all the episodes are available.

The exception this month being Star Trek: The Lower Decks which continues to delight us. Thursday is the season finale though, and I’m sad about that.

We also watched both seasons of The Wheel of Time on Amazon Prime. I’m sure fans of the books hate this show, because I am NOT a fan of the books and I kind of like the show. It isn’t my favorite but hey, one can’t be TOO picky about finding live action fantasy series these days.

For my late night solo viewing, I finally got around to 1923 (a Yellowstone prequel starring Harrison Ford and Helen Mirren — I watched on Paramount+) which was GREAT aside from having not one, not two, but THREE cliffhanger endings, and Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End (Crunchyroll), an anime about an elf who was part of a party who defeated the Big Bad but now faces life alone as her human companions grow old and die. It’s kind of melancholy but I’m finding it quite compelling. It’s still airing so not sure how it’ll turn out. Oh, and I also watched Summer Time Rendering (Hulu) which had both time travel and body snatching in it, so what’s not to like?


Not much reading going on. I’ve picked up Duolingo to try to learn a bit of Japanese and I’ve been focusing on that during the times I usually read. Like when Lola is laying in a sunny patch of grass and has decided we’re not going anywhere for a while. I’ve just hit the 30 day mark and boy can I ever ask for rice and water like a champ!

And that’s it. Here comes November and probably a lot more of the same!! 🙂

6 thoughts on “October 2023

  1. I read Wheel of Time long enough ago that the changes the series is making rarely leaps out at me as jarring. I’ve liked it a fair bit, in particular during Season 2 where I thought it found its stride a lot better. So I’m very pleased Season 3 has been confirmed. It costs them so much to make that I wasn’t sure that was a given even with how much better S2 was.

    re: The gaming system, I wonder if 4 games was a problem here because all four of those games are super beasts in terms of the hours required to complete them. Maybe slightly to a lesser degree for FFXVI if you assume no side or minimal sidequests, but even then…!

    Perhaps tagging a couple out for shorter experiences which can be cycled through more regularly might help. I can’t really say that I have a ‘system’ as such, but I think at least for the latter part of October I had fallen into something similar to this. Had a MP game with friends (CoD), a game that wouldn’t take a crazy amount of time to finish for myself (Lies of P), and then just a ‘For as long as it holds’ without a specific ending game Cities 2. Although that latter I’m going to put on ice for a few more patches at least.

    …And now there is Talos Principle 2 out as well… xD

    1. What I remember about reading The Wheel of Time is that each book got longer but less seemed to happen, and he had certain phrases he used so often I found them distracting. Like Nynaeve tugging “her wrist-thick braid” which, in my very fallible memory, she did like once per paragraph! I’m sure it wasn’t as bad as I remember it.

      I did actually do what you suggested re gaming. I’m focusing on Persona 4 and Snowrunner right now. P4 because P5 Royal hit Game Pass first and is now leaving so I assume P4 will leave soon, too. And Snowrunner because I’m obsessed with it. 🙂

      I do want to mix-in something shorter-term though. Just haven’t picked anything yet.

  2. I played Snowrunner a bit and oh my god, that was a painful experience for me. I am going to write something about it after I play it a little more, but it was a painfully slow game for me.

    1. Yes! It is an amazingly slow-paced game, which is why I would never recommend it to anyone who can’t try it for free in some way before spending $$. I think Ents would enjoy it. Maybe I am an Ent. Maybe it would require the Ent to be a little bit masochistic, too. So I am a masochistic Ent. Self-discovery through gaming!

      I’ve got over 60 hours into it, according to the PS5.

      It DOES get -slightly- faster paced at you get better upgrades/trucks. But then, for example I have a Chevy nicely tricked out for deep mud but it just CRAWLS on pavement (or tips over) so yeah… everything is a trade-off.

      Do take advantage of the Recover option as a fast travel if you value your sanity. Sadly I don’t value mine so drive back and forth across maps rescuing vehicles I’ve gotten stuck, or that have run out of fuel.

      1. I think I probably have two trucks and two trailers lost on a road somewhere. Most of one memorable trip was using the winch to slowly pull a truck up a road. Slowly. It took a couple hours.

        1. A couple of things kept the game from breaking me…

          First I got tipped off that there’s a pretty good truck in Russia that you can get pretty early, the Tayga 6436.

          https://www.maprunner.info/vehicles/tayga-6436 (that site is pretty helpful, too)

          Second was this dude’s YouTube playlist https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zO11ReZgvd8&list=PL1cUwrrVAZ2fIKerzDQV6_akvAbjF01rI

          He makes it look pretty easy, though sometimes I find myself thinking “How in heck is he doing that?”

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