Amazon and Sony in streaming media deal?

The New York Times has a piece on Amazon’s new TV & movie streaming service (to replace Amazon Unbox): Amazon Plans an Online Store for Movies and TV Shows.

Of note is this quote: It has struck a deal with Sony Electronics to place its Internet video store on the Sony Bravia line of high-definition TVs..

So two days after Sony announces their TV & Movie download service for the Playstation 3, Amazon announces a partnership of sorts with Sony Consumer Electronics for a competing service.

Granted the audience for Bravia TVs is much broader than that of the PS3, but you can access the PSN store from a computer. Why not stream that content to a Bravia TV?

It just seems like Sony is working against itself yet again.

Kindle price reduction

Amazon has reduced the price of the Kindle to $359, which IMO is still $159 too high, at least.

Makes you stop and wonder though…if they were selling as briskly as Amazon implied they were, why the price drop?

I still think Amazon needs to subsidize the device. Sell it at a loss for $100 and make the money back on sales. Basically the videogame console model. All we (well, most of us) are going to do with the thing is buy more stuff from Amazon…seems like the more they get out there, the more returns they get, plus they get ‘word of mouth’ and ‘saw someone using it on the train’ marketing going.