Pondering Black Friday

The Black Friday sales have already started. Usually I gripe about holiday stuff coming earlier and earlier but if starting Black Friday a week ahead of time lets even one retail worker get to spend more time with their family on Thanksgiving and the day after, I’m all for it.

By the way, if the header image is baffling you, that’s a still shot from an old TV ad. Back before Best Buy crushed all the competition, Crazy Eddie was a big box electronics store that operated (at least) in the Northeast part of the US. It was known for having wacky ads, though really looking at one now it seems fairly tame compared to what we see online every day:

Anyway so yeah, Black Friday sales have started and I’m trying to resist the temptation of, in particular, the Playstation Store. I hardly buy PC games and honestly these days I rarely buy Xbox games, what with Game Pass keeping me so busy. But my PS5 library is still fairly small and there are a few titles I’d like to get that are on sale.

Titles I’m eyeballing (prices are based on being a PS+ member, if that matters, and are rounded to the nearest dollar):

Guardians of the Galaxy ($39 – yup, already on sale)
Far Cry 6 ($40)
Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade ($47)
Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart ($50)
Demon’s Souls ($40)

I could probably find more if I really tried but that’s already way more than I can afford. Generally these prices are in the 35%-off-ish range, so they’re not super crazy sales but still, decent discounts.

So I’m pondering. I don’t really NEED more games. I’m still deep into Final Fantasy XIII & Control and have a TON of stuff in my backlogs. That’s today. But what about in a few months? When will we see the next huge sale? Christmas? Summer? Hard to say when, and if the discounts will be as large. Of course by next Black Friday all these games will be even cheaper, right?

But at the same time, it’s the season for retail therapy and Guardians, in particular, is calling to me because so many people whose opinions I respect (Scopique, for instance) really enjoyed the game.

Well the other good thing about Black Friday starting early is I have some time to think about it. Maybe if I finish Control before the sale ends, I’ll treat myself. Or maybe Sony will roll out “flash sales” with even deeper discounts, though I’m not sure they’d do that for games already on sale.

So what’s on your Black Friday shopping list? Anything fun?

4 thoughts on “Pondering Black Friday

  1. As a recent PS5 owner, I’m eyeing this Black Friday sale as well. What I’m looking at is:

    Marvels Avengers (yeah, I know but I want to play the story part, plus it has Spider Man)
    Marvel Lego (something for the kiddos to play)
    Tales of Arise
    Maybe Gaurdians of the Galaxy, because it does have good reviews, but that’s a lot of Marvel. Probably too much Marvel.

    I of course just recently bought the Spider Man and FF VII Remake special editions.

    I’m sure there were other things that will pique my interest. I don’t have Game Pass anymore because I refuse to have more than one subscription gaming service and I’m currently neck deep in FF XIV.

    1. I really enjoyed Marvel’s Avengers for a good long while. The story was quite charming. I should go and catch up; I haven’t touched the Wakanda expansion!

      And thanks for reminding me that I still have Tales of Arise that I drifted away from for some reason even though I was enjoying it. Story of my life… something’s always distracting me.

      1. Oh! Ghost of Tsushima was the other one I was looking at for this sale.

        The Hawkeye story beat was released for Avengers too, so you’ll have that as well if you haven’t played it yet.

        You’ve quickly moved from your MMO phase to the single player RPG phase with FF and Tales of Arise, eh? 🙂

        1. I REALLY liked Ghost of Tsushima and in fact plan to replay it on the PS5!

          Yeah I’m back to wanting to kick back on the couch with single player games. Honestly playing FFXV gave me more of an MMO vibe than I get in most actual MMOs since I always solo in real MMOs and in FFXV I had some digital chums to pal around with!

          Also been having this itch to finish games and mentally check them off a list.

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