Weekend Recap: Lots of frittering, little progress

I didn’t accomplish much at all this past weekend. Part of the reason is that Lola was sick and we went on LOTS of walks so she could frequently answer the call of nature. Every time I sat down to do something she’d be there, sitting in front of me and beaming “NEED TO GO” thoughts into my brain.

But even the gaming time I did carve out wasn’t too productive. I mentioned that I finished the storyline for Rise of the Tomb Raider last week, and whenever I finish a game like this I enter a period where I feel a little adrift, grasping around to find the next game that is really going to click with me.

So I spent time checking out the holiday and limited time stuff I wrote about last week. That was mostly disappointing to me. The multiplayer mode of Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare still makes me anxious. I wrote about Elder Scrolls Online’s New Life festival on Friday. I haven’t felt any desire to go back and do more of that, and in fact it has somehow turned me off TESO completely (temporarily, I’m sure). I installed DC Universe Online but you have to be level 10 to partake in that game’s winter holiday event and I was level 7. I started leveling up but the game is just so janky on consoles…I couldn’t deal with it. I played Trove a few times and that felt like enough. It just starts feeling really repetitive really fast; I’m assuming it gets more interesting if you stick with it so don’t take this as a bad judgement of the game. I’m just not ready to put in the time to get to the good stuff.

I fired up Destiny but I might be done with Destiny. I think I have a whole post about that so I’ll save it.

In the end I spent a lot of time back in Tomb Raider trying to 100% the game (which is way different than 100%ing the trophies). I’m up to 92 or 93% now. I think I was around 70% when I finished the story. In this context 100% means you’ve found all the collectibles, done all the side missions and challenges, solved all the tombs and stuff. I have all the big stuff done, now I’m mostly hunting collectibles and finishing up challenges (challenges are tasks like “Cut down 5 Soviet flags” and usually the trick is finding the objectives since they don’t show up on the mini-map).

I also started Far Cry Primal, which a friend of mine is really enjoying. This is a game I snagged for cheap during a Black Friday sale — one of those “I’ll get this now and play it during a gaming drought” — titles. (Do we really still have gaming droughts?) Anyway I was really enjoying the bow combat in Rise of the Tomb Raider and there’s a lot of bow combat in Primal too, so I downloaded it. I think I’m really going to like it some day, but for now maybe going from one “open world semi-stealth bow-combat wilderness adventure” game to another is too much of a good thing. I might need to find a palette cleanser between Tomb Raid and FC Primal. I’ll give it one more shot before a back burner it though.

So here it is Monday, and I have the day off, and I still don’t know what to play! #FirstWorldProblems Maybe I should watch movies all day or something.