Divinity: Original Sin launches

Way back in January I posted a quick look at the alpha of Divinity: Original Sin, and then I put it on the shelf. I’d intended to check in on it from time to time but liked the game enough that I wanted to experience it ‘for the first time’ when it was finished. Selfish of me? Absolutely.

But the day is here! Divinity: Original Sin launches today.

Did I mention it comes with an adventure editor? And that it is co-op? Could this be the replacement for the original Neverwinter Nights so many of us have been waiting for? Possibly, though we’ll have to see how the turn-base combat works for that.

Anyway here’s a quick trailer for the toolkit. Looks pretty powerful to me.

On Steam, you can find the editor by going to Library => Tools, and it’s called “The Divinity Engine.”

Here’s a “Getting started” piece from the Steam community.