Ping! I’m still alive

I popped into the blog today to update the backend and realized I’d let over 2 months slip past without a blog post! At my age you have to make some noise every now and then or people start planning your funeral, so I figured I’d best post something.

Thing is, E3 came around and kind of knocked my gaming habits out of whack. I got pretty excited about the next generation of consoles, then looked at my stack of unplayed games for my current consoles and figured I’d better start working through them. I haven’t done any significant PC gaming in quite some time, and I’m in one of my ‘Ugh, MMOs’ phases that I go through from time to time.

Plus working a LOT. Plus the days are so long that we wind up eating dinner late and so my evenings feel really short.

Really I’ve mostly been dabbling. My only ‘serious’ gaming in the past month or so has been The Last of Us which I crammed through in about 4 days (20 hours or so of gameplay). Man, that game got its hooks into me… one of my two favorite games of this generation, the other being Red Dead Redemption. I guess when it comes to games I really like somber, strongly narrative-driven titles.

Whenever I turn on the PS3 though, I feel guilt about not finishing Ni No Kuni. I swore I’d finish that game but DAMN is it ever BORING. On the Xbox I popped in, and threw aside, a series of games before I decided that maybe playing games for the sole purpose of having played them so you can get rid of them isn’t the best way to sample games. So I’m back to slowly working through the Halo 4 Spartan Missions. When the Xbox 360 gets thrown into the Gaming Collection Closet I guess a bunch of unplayed games will go with it.

Been spending a lot of time with the handhelds too. Animal Crossing: New Leaf is a great ‘before bed’ game since it’s so slow and mellow it puts me to sleep. On the Vita I’ve been messing around with Toro’s Friend Garden though I have no idea why; it’s the most pointless piece of software ever invented. Been dinking around with Escape Plan too, which is a nifty puzzle game that takes a while to get interesting.

And that’s it! Mostly I’m waiting for November and new silicon! Though Shadowrun Returns is about a month out and I’m looking forward to it, too.