Why hello Anarchy Online, I hardly recognized you!

Sure, Anarchy Online had an awful launch, but that was over a decade ago. Let it go, people! Once they finally got things working right, it was a pretty awesome (if quite complex, at least by today’s standards) MMO.

And now they’re going to retrofit it with a new engine. Check it out:

If you want to dig down beyond just looking at the pretty graphics, MMORPG interviewed Game Director Fia Tjernberg.

I tried once or twice to go back to AO but I’m too shallow… I couldn’t get past the dated graphics. With this new engine, that’s not going to be a concern.

If this winds up being enough to kickstart AO into a second life (no pun intended), I wonder if it could inspire other companies to retrofit their aging games with new graphics engines? I’d love to see Mythic EA refresh Dark Age of Camelot like this!

2 thoughts on “Why hello Anarchy Online, I hardly recognized you!

  1. Oh my gosh, oh my gosh, oh my gosh… I can’t wait to get home and look at this. I loved AO, and still hold it up as the bar all other MMOG’s have to beat (and they never do) because of that complexity and the sheer size of the world. A graphics update and lack of other MMO’s of interest could put me easily back in that world. [dances with glee]

  2. They’ve been teasing this for quite a while. I wonder when it’s going to release.

    Man, I played AO in beta AND at launch. I stuck with it for quite some time, even though I played totally solo, and never did fully “get it”.

    I miss it, having watched this now : )

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