Why hello Anarchy Online, I hardly recognized you!

Sure, Anarchy Online had an awful launch, but that was over a decade ago. Let it go, people! Once they finally got things working right, it was a pretty awesome (if quite complex, at least by today’s standards) MMO.

And now they’re going to retrofit it with a new engine. Check it out:

If you want to dig down beyond just looking at the pretty graphics, MMORPG interviewed Game Director Fia Tjernberg.

I tried once or twice to go back to AO but I’m too shallow… I couldn’t get past the dated graphics. With this new engine, that’s not going to be a concern.

If this winds up being enough to kickstart AO into a second life (no pun intended), I wonder if it could inspire other companies to retrofit their aging games with new graphics engines? I’d love to see Mythic EA refresh Dark Age of Camelot like this!