A Dragon Age Music video?

I’ll admit it, I’m surly tonight. Dragon Age ships, and my gaming PC rolls over and dies the same night (unrelated, I hadn’t even run Dragon Age when this started happening).

But the press barrage must go on! 🙂

We have our first Dragon Age: Origins music video. The band is Thirty Seconds to Hell, the song is This is War, and it is debuting in Dragon Age: Origins, or so I’m told. *shoots hateful glare at the gaming PC* You’ve already seen a lot of the footage, but I guess this is a fresh way of looking at it!

4 thoughts on “A Dragon Age Music video?

  1. Pete, that is sadly ironic considering how much you’ve been posting about the game. It’s amazing how psychic that PC hamster is, and how often he crawls down the curtain when there’s something you’ve been waiting for, or when there is something terribly important to do on the PC.

    You have my sympathies.

  2. Well after I upgraded to Windows 7 I bought 8 gigs of Crucial ram. I had some weirdness installing it, and my system wouldn’t take all 8 for some reason. I settled on 6, 4 gigs of the ‘new’ RAM and 2 gigs of the old.

    After this started happening, it started ringing bells. I took out all the new ram and put in the old stuff and so far the system has been stable. But it was stable under the ‘new’ ram for a few weeks, so something wonky is going on.

    But at least I got to play a bit of Dragon Age 🙂

  3. Nice vid! I’ve lost a lot of friends overnight to this game, they all seem to have disappeared into some sort of void. Wonder if there are any published stats on the survival rate for these poor souls.

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