Dragon Age Dungeons and Character Creator screens

Today I’ve got a couple of screenshots of the character creator (direct link to the exe) in action, and one of the new Bioware Social Site. Specifically, the Social Site image is from my character page, so feel free to shoot me off a friend invite! Those are two of my ‘standard’ character names, by the way. Gillain is from an old, old BBS text-based RPG I used to be a part of, and Mimi is the name of one of our guinea pigs. 🙂

Also, several full-sized screenshots of game play taken from inside a dungeon. No, I haven’t played the game; these were provided by Bioware PR. But the shots give you some idea of what the game will look like from various zoom levels.


6 thoughts on “Dragon Age Dungeons and Character Creator screens

  1. I’ve been playing with the character editor for the past couple of nights, and found it to be a pleasure and fun to use. I can’t wait for the game’s release next month.

  2. Thanks for the barrage of info on Dragon Age: Origins, Pete.

    The wait is making me a little antsy. 🙂

    One thing though, what version do you recommend; the PC or 360 version? Have you had a chance to look at the differences?

  3. @Stropp — I’m thinking PC for a game like this. First I just think it’ll control better, and then there’s the whole toolset & fan-made levels to consider. Kotaku also had a story today saying that in the console version you can’t scroll way out to that overhead view, and I think there’ll be situations where that really helps.

    @Ysh — I pointed out that spider shot and she hit me. 🙁

  4. To be honest, I wasn’t that interested in this game… Then I watched some ingame footage from Giant Bomb and Man, this game looks awesome. Reminds me a bit of the first Dungeon Siege but better, ok, much much better. I also saw the spell book… My Gawd there are a lot of different interesting spells the mage can cast.

    I’m thinking of getting it now.

    Now I have to re read all your Dragon posts, Pete. lol

  5. I bet that if Dragon Age becomes successful, they will release DLC packs like for Fallout 3 and then make a sequel named “World of Dragon Age”… which will be a MMO, of course.

    Their bonus offers remind me so much of MMO preorders.

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