So last weekend I was playing LOTRO and made the journey to Rivendell, on foot. As I crossed the Fords of Bruinen I stopped to look around, and said to Angela “Check this out. Remember when Arwen drove back the Nazgul here?”

And I stopped, appalled.  Because that’s how it happened in the movies, but not in the books.

And I realized it had been far too long since my last read-through of The Lord of the Rings.

So I dug out a copy — Angela’s copy, (despite the face that it has Elijah Wood on the cover), since the pages of my copy are falling out — and started reading. This has been rather a hellish week, work wise, and I’ve only managed a few pages each evening before falling asleep, but already I’m finding it really interesting to read the book after playing the game. Places referenced casually, like The Chetwood, mean something to me now.

I do find myself wondering why the hobbits chose the path they did, given the fine road from The Shire to Bree (in the game) but maybe that will become more clear as I re-familiarize myself with the true story.

If you’ve been playing LOTRO and haven’t read the books in a while, I highly recommend doing so! The two complement each other really nicely.

6 thoughts on “LOTRO & LOTR

  1. Yeah, I have to admit I’ve watched the movies more than read the books. I love them both though. The books for the detail, imagery, and world. The movies for the visual spirit, acting, and production values. Both for the story, as it’s epic whichever one you experience. If people can get past the literary style of Tolkien, they’ll be well rewarded for reading the books even if they’ve only seen the movies.

  2. Didn’t Gandalf tell Frodo to stay off the roads?

    I still wonder why Jackson left Tom out of the movies.

  3. Yeah, he did, but they really kind of looped around. But then, they were going to the house that Fatty Bolger was taking care of in Buckland in the books, weren’t they?

    But see? I used to know this stuff!! It’s all jumbled in my head now! LOL

  4. Give me the movies over the books anyday!

    Tolkien’s books were a sleeping aid for me rather than exciting adventures.

  5. Loved both movies and books.

    I came by to wish you a happy birthday, Pete. Hope you’re doing well.

    Love, chrisd from NaNoWriMo a long time ago.

  6. Hi Chris!! Thanks for the birthday wishes, though today is my pretend-birthday that I use on websites when I don’t really want to give my real birthday for security reasons. But the real one is coming up soon, so I’ll ‘bank’ your good wishes for then. So kind of you to remember!!

    Things are well here. I hope the same can be said for you and yours?

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