EA Active Day 13

Ran into a bit of a setback with my 30 Day Challenge yesterday, when I wrenched my back (this was on a rest day, and it was doing chores, not working out.) By mid-afternoon I could barely walk or stand  up straight. I popped a bunch of naproxen and then after dinner laid on the couch watching TV all evening with one of those heat packs strapped on. I sorta curled up in a semi-fetal position so my lower back muscles could relax, and that helped a lot.

Side note: I can’t believe there are people who watch 3 hours of tv every night. I was going stir crazy by the end of it.

This morning it was feeling somewhat better, but I still decided that working out would be a bad idea. I didn’t want to risk hurting my back worse and missing a week of exercise. But as the day wore on I felt more and more guilty about missing a day, so I ended up doing the day’s workout afterall, with the adjustment that I just kind of shuffled along during the running part, because when I really ran, the jarring started to make my back twinge. Nothing else really bothered it, which I guess suggests my form is ok, since they’re always telling you to hold your back straight.

Today’s new torture was Squat & Hold. Sounds so simple, so un-threatening, but I was cursing a blue streak as the timer counted down. The idea is simply to squat and stay in that squatting position for 20 seconds. Something little kids do without a 2nd thought. It killed me.

Also more basketball, which I really have trouble with. The idea is you turn left to “grab” a ball from a bin, then face forward and “shoot” the ball at a basket or “pass” it at a target. I can’t get this to work reliably. I’ll turn and reach out for the “ball” and my onscreen avatar doesn’t budge. Other times I’ll be holding still and my avatar suddenly turns, grabs a ball and flops it towards a target. If I do get the avatar to grab a ball, when I turn to face forward he almost always throws the ball before I mean to.

Basketball is the one activity that I just can’t get to work right. I’ve licked my issues with the running, I don’t have troubles with the leg strap sliding down. Everything works pretty well except basketball (which feels more like a gimmick in any case).

If anyone has tips for getting this to work I’d love to hear them.

I’m not closely monitoring my weight, but I seem to have lost a couple pounds since starting to use Active. More importantly I feel better, more energized (most of the time). We’ve been slowly modifying our diet. Just as an example, we used to have sandwiches and chips for lunch (when we were both home). Then we replaced the chips with Triscuits, which were probably just as fattening but seemed slightly more nutritional. Then to low-fat Triscuits. Now we’ve been having veggies (baby carrots, celerey sticks or raw brocoli) with non-fat veggie dip along side our sandwiches. This is to try to meet Active’s “eat 5-6 helpings of veggies every day” directive.

I used to drink a vat of a blend of ice tea and yerba mat´ with sugar to start every day. Now I’ve been taking a 32 ounce bottle of filtered water with me in the morning. And curiously I feel just as awake after that hydration as I did after the morning caffeine injection (Ihaven’t “give up” caffeine though… I still enjoy a Pepsi Throwback at lunch). I did this to try to fill Active’s “drink 8 glasses of water a day” directive.

So all in all, things are looking good. I feel better, am eating better, less caffeine, lost a few pounds, and I’m sticking to an exercise routine. And I’m almost half-way through the 30-day challenge!

2 thoughts on “EA Active Day 13

  1. Hello,

    I stumbled along your blog by googling “EA Active”… I’ve been trying to find reviews of people who love this thing as much as I do, so thanks for that. 🙂 And thanks for a few laugh-out-loud moments- much appreciated. I agree with you on so many points that it’s getting a bit ridiculous. The basketball workout is the only thing I haven’t fallen in love with. I had the opposite problem that you did- my avatar throws perfect baskets every time with very little/no effort on my part. I see the basketball workout as my unofficial rest period. Ha ha.

    I originally told the Active that I had a Wii board, but upon discovering that it really only hindered my workouts, I changed that. The only thing I would change about the Active is that I wish it would weigh you- guess I’ll have to keep my Wii Fit after all.

    I have the same running issues as you- every once in a while I’ll be plodding along at my “too slow!” pase and suddenly she’ll (my avatar) start sprinting even though I clearly am not. I’ll let this go on for a few seconds and then I’ll stop to kind of “reset” her. I feel guilty getting credit for sprinting when what I’m doing can (at best) be described as reluctantly jogging.

    I also agree with you about the squats (holy Lord are they the hardest part of this workout!) but at least they do get easier. 🙂

    I applaud your efforts on eating better and drinking more water. The day before I started the 30-day challenge I also started 30 days of no fast-food or eating out, in hopes that it would jump start me into a more healthy life. So far so good (Day 15!) but I have a dinner coming up with friends and unless I’m strong enough to pack my own sandwich to Panera (which I seriously doubt) I’ll be breaking it then. However, I plan on starting right back up again. My bank account has thus far thanked me more than any serious weight loss, but I still have 16 days left of the challenge. *fingers

    Anyway, I’ve bookmarked your site in hopes that you’ll keep us/me updated every so often. I wish you the best luck in your endeavor- know that there are others out there that are “running” along side you.

  2. Thank you so much for the comment!!! I just finished workout 14 (I guess) and got the video pop up with the trainer enthusiastically telling me how we’re going to be doing more reps and new, more challenging exercises.

    Somehow I didn’t share his enthusiasm, but I’ll stick with it! Drop by any time you want to chat about Active!

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