Whatever happened to Sacred 2?

Someone (Werit) asked me today if Sacred 2 had slipped down my play list.

It has not. My entire playlist has slipped down. Due to poor planning on the part of upper management at my job, the past few weeks have been rather hellish insofar as having to work a lot of extra hours, extra stress, and so forth. I haven’t been playing anything, aside from some LOTRO, and that I play as a kind of reward. Y’know “OK, I’ll write the data validation scripts for this page, then I’ll kill 10 bog-lurkers, then start the next set of scripts.” (I chose LOTRO because I needed some coin to pay my in-game rent.)

The silver lining is that I’ve killed the 180 bog-lurkers required to complete the deed in the Lone Lands! 🙂

But in spite of what XFire says, I sure didn’t play LOTRO for 14 hours this past week. Much of that time was me logged in, the game running in the background waiting for the next ‘reward’ of killing 10 more lurkers.

This week is E3, and I’m stoked to follow it virtually. After that madness ends (G4TV is showing something like 22 hours of coverage and I intend to watch all of that, plus countless web videos and blog posts) I hope to go back to Sacred 2, probably starting over with a character I can take more seriously than the sexpot Seraphim.

Hmm, wait, that’s not right either. My boss finished Infamous and is going to lend it to me, so I’ll be playing through that first, and THEN going back to Sacred 2.

Bottom line, I didn’t lose interest in Sacred 2…I just got pulled away from it.

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