Static cling is a bitch

Sorry gamers, this is an off-topic post.

Had the guinea pigs out running around and caught Mona, the baby having a bad fur day, and I had to share. I guess static cling electricity isn’t just a problem we humans have to deal with.

Static Cling

And as long as I’m off topic and posting images, here’s a few more of her being goofy.

snuggling sisters oh_hai

3 thoughts on “Static cling is a bitch

  1. Just remember: You don’t own the guinea pig…the guinea pig owns YOU. 😉 Our three girls are so special. I had Isis when I met Peter, and he scoffed that guinea pigs couldn’t possibly be as awesome as I made them out to be. As you can see, he’s learned the error of his ways, LOL.

  2. One of my sisters had a guinea pig named Choco (chocolate-colored) when I was young. I can’t remember what happened to it.

    Before that, she had dwarf hamsters. Our cat would occasionally grab one, carry it harmlessly in his mouth, then drop it down and bat it around with his paws. My sister didn’t like that. I doubt the hamsters did either.

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