Big worlds (EQ2)

I’m sitting here doing my thing, and Angela is doing hers. Of course, her thing on a lazy Saturday is EQ2. And I hear her say “Hmm, I’ve never been here before.”

It took a few moments for that to sink it. She just went somewhere she has never been.

Now, this girl is a walking, talking EQ2 encyclopedia. I can count on the fingers of one hand the number of times I’ve asked her where to find something in EQ2 and she’s not been able to answer without a second thought. She’s been playing the game since it launched, and she plays a LOT. It is rare indeed that a day goes by without her logging in.  The /played on her main character is over 160 days. Think about that. That’s 3,840 hours spent playing that character. (Frightening, no?) And she has 12 characters, about 5 of which she plays very regularly.

Point being, she spends an incredible amount of time exploring the world.

And she’s still discovering places she hasn’t been to.

I just think that’s pretty astounding. Now granted, Sony keeps putting out expansions and new content, but still… I just find it really cool that a virtual world can be so expansive. The Explorer in me rejoices.

That is all. No real point. Just a ‘celebration of gaming’ post. 🙂

3 thoughts on “Big worlds (EQ2)

  1. That is and has always been my main attraction to MMOs. Not the social aspect. Size. Huge worlds for endless exploration.Single-player games that offer such huge worlds and so much variation are rare.

    I always get annoyed when people say MMOs are fundamentally about the social aspect. That’s just one part of it, and for many players it’s just a nice coincidence.

  2. Mine too, actually. The size of the worlds to explore, *and* the fact that they are constantly being added to and/or tweaked by the devs.

    “for many players it’s just a nice coincidence.”

    Completely agree.

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