Warhammer “Zone Domination” patch

Another wacky video from Paul Barnett. He teases multiple items in a mail, suggests that zone crashes are virtually abolished, and talks about “Zone Domination” in which the method by which you’d capture a zone would be “less rubbish.”

Probably too late for me, but good to see they continue to improve things. But the cynic in me wonders why things weren’t “less rubbish” at launch?

One thought on “Warhammer “Zone Domination” patch

  1. Cold hard cash. Development costs money, and apparently they were reluctant to go to EA and ask for more time and money. The sad part is that the WoW expansion looks like it’s going to have about three months of content for me, when all is said and done. I wonder how much more successful Warhammer would have been if they had delayed the game to January and released in its current (by all accounts, MUCH improved) state. For many gamers, you simply DON’T get a second chance to make a first impression.

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