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So my EQ2 sub ran out, leaving both myself and Angela feeling a bit blue. We’d been adventuring together quite a bit; something we haven’t done all that much of in the past. I’ve left EQ2 so many times, and each time I come back I like it a bit more. This is the first time I’ve left wanting more. As soon as we get money stuff straightened out I’ll be re-subscribing.

Today I was MMO surfing a bit. I tried Warhammer again. Made a level but that didn’t really feel like it made much difference. Spent way too much time deleting gold spam from my mail box. Bleh. Did some more FusionFall, and honestly that game continues to be fun in a very cotton-candy sort of way. So easy to jump in, run around a bit, and jump out.

Then finally I fired up LOTRO. I’ve been exploring Evendim. Correction: I thought I’d been exploring Evendim but in fact I’d really been just on the fringe of it. Today I got into Evendim proper. One thing Turbine knows how to do is take your breath away as you explore Middle Earth. Remember in the movie version of Fellowship, when they’re paddling down river after leaving Lothlorien, and they come around a curve in the river and suddenly there’s the huge guardian king in front of them? While Turbine took that scene to heart. I don’t want to say more because the whole beauty is discovering this stuff for yourself.

I’ve said it ad nauseum, but I just adore exploring Middle Earth. It feels like almost a burden, though, that I have a quest log full of Fellowship quests at this point. I just can’t experience the world quite the same way when I’m in a group of people; can’t take time to stop and gawk at landscapes and ancient ruins and amazing creatures… I suppose I can always come back when I’ve out-leveled the content, right?


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  1. Evendim certianly is very picturesque with that beautiful lake, lots of impressive status and ruins, that are not dark and forboding, but have you wondering and saddened at the loss.
    What makes Evendim even more amazing is that the whole region was one of those, almost bi-monthly, free content updates. The first new book, Book 9 if I recall correctly. You should also find yourself able to progress fairly well there solo as much of the questing content in Evendim was for solo/duoing in your 30-40s.

  2. You *can* explore and gawk with a group, just make sure everyone’s on the same page and you’re not in a group just trying to power through the quest.

    And yes, the majority of Evendim quests are solo-oriented, depending on your level and class, though once you start getting over to the northwest side of the lake in the gauradain camp, I’d recommend having at least two of you.

    And if you can get a group for Tomb of Elendil (it’s an instance at the end of a quest chain for the Blue Lady) by all means do it! It’s not an Epic Book quest, and nothing that’s “required” but it’s very fun and *incredibly* challenging.

  3. I agree (who doesn’t?) that LOTRO is the most beautiful MMO by far! I also love just running around gawking at the beauty of it all. I also get a huge kick out of seeing places and meeting people from the books. I feel like you do, Pete, that grouping and exploring don’t match — I like to play solo and that’s one of the reasons.

  4. I agree with you all. Sometimes I just stand there taking screenshot after screenshot. 🙂 Oh, and today I saw my first rainbow — I was in the Shire homestead, right after I’d just bought a home, and I looked up over across the sky and saw it. It was so lovely.

    I can’t wait to get to Forochel and see for myself the awesomeness that people have been talking about.

  5. @DM – Ah, yeah. 🙂 Took me by surprise. I hadn’t had the time or energy to game during the end of last year (imagine that! but all I wanted to do when I wasn’t working was rest/sleep), and started LotRO a week before Christmas and I’ve been there since then.

  6. I agree with Scott in the whole group aspect.

    I haven’t gotten to far into the game, highest level is only 24, but I remember the first time I saw Weathertop, and then traveled up it, awesome!!

  7. You can alwyas do what I do… cancel all fellowship quests and only do small fellowship ones and occasionally dungeon ones right as you do the dungeon. There are enough solo ones in the game to level all the way nowadays.

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