Christmas ph8t lootz!

As if homemade pumpkin pie and fresh-baked cookies weren’t enough, apparently there’s some gift-giving tradition associated with Christmas. Didja get any gaming-related gifts?

I did. I got Valkyria Chronicles for the PS3 and Persona 4 for the PS2. Also a bunch of Warhammer books (Heldenhammer, Vampire Wars & Nagash the Sorcerer), just in time because I only have a bit of Giantslayer left. And a clip-on book light because my old eyes are having trouble reading in dim lighting and it’s a pain to constantly have to drag a light around to shine on my books.

Angela got Animal Crossing for the Wii (she’s never even seen an Animal Crossing, and she has a collector personality) and a cooking program for her DS that she wanted. And an IOU for Afrika for the PS3 if National Geographic ever gets around to releasing it. But her big gift was a 6×11 Wacom Graphics Tablet for doing her artwork.

The guinea pigs weren’t forgotten: they each got a timothy hay & herb tamale. 🙂

Get any geeky gifts this year?

5 thoughts on “Christmas ph8t lootz!

  1. I got an overclocked 4870X2 graphics card with 2GB ram from my Santa wife. Unfortunately, she couldn’t get me an upgraded EverQuest II graphics engine that would take advantage of it. But I forgive her.

  2. I got a copy of the Spore Creepy & Cute add on pack from Sam, but I still haven’t opened it. Spore had so much hype, it just could not live up to expectations. 🙁

    Little Big Planet has been my Game of the Year, for sure. I love playing with our friends, online or in person.

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