I wish you a Merry Christmas

Sorry the blog has been so empty lately, and when it hasn’t been empty it’s been depressing. I’ve had a couple of bad weeks, job wise, health wise (nothing serious there, just a miserable lingering cold) and personal wise. That’s left very little time/energy for gaming or blogging.

But today is Christmas Eve day, and when I leave work I won’t be back until Jan 5th, 2009! Woot! Plenty of time to de-stress, rest up, and play some games.

I actually don’t consider myself Christian but I do celebrate Christmas, not as a religious holiday but as a holiday of Good Will. I’ve been trying to keep up my Christmas Spirit over the past weeks, listening to carols and intending to watch Christmas specials (but never quite getting around to them)!

Tomorrow will be the first Christmas Angela and I spend together, and she’s surprised me by voicing the desire to do up a Christmas feast. My traditional Christmas dinner for the last few decades has been Chinese take out, in honor of A Christmas Story and since the last time I spent Christmas with someone was probably somewhere around 1993. My tradition (by choice, mind you) was to spend Christmas peacefully alone; a day to reflect on life and play some games. But tomorrow it’ll be Angela and I, accompanied by roast turkey, potatoes and all the fixins, or so I’m told. Woot! And a tree! And presents under it! It’s like I’m 8 again!

Anyway, the point I’m rambling towards is that I hope you all have a very nice holiday and I hope you’re all as fortunate as I am. Good food, warm shelter, and company you enjoy, even if it is only your own (nothing at all wrong with that). Merry Christmas, everyone!!

5 thoughts on “I wish you a Merry Christmas

  1. Merry Christmas 🙂

    I’m not Christian either (not even christened, such a heathen am I!), but there’s a lot more to Christmas, as you say: inclusion, gratitude, kindness, a chance to reverse my yearly scrooginess. 😀 I don’t think the person this celebrates would mind one bit.

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