Warhammer Revisited

Maybe I wasn’t in the right frame of mind to go back…

I re-upped, patched, and spent some time reconfiguring things (my UI seemed to have gotten reset to default) and started playing again.

And I just dunno… all the rough bits still feel rough. I do my Blessed Bullets of XXX spell, and the animation for it is the Witch Hunter kind of holds his pistol up and ‘cocks’ it. And my arm stays stuck up, so I’m running around with my hand over my head. That’s aesthetic, granted.

I log out to check some add-ons and when I get back in… my chat windows are back where they were before I fixed them. So I guess they *still* move around on their own.

I *did* get into some oRVR, defending the Monastery of Morr from Destruction. Getting into a Warband was a snap, there were healers healing and everything. Plenty of players around.

But the lag was *terrific* with people just vanishing and constantly getting “not in range” errors when visually the target was clearly in range. Once I died and ran around for a good 5 seconds with the “Respawn” graphic up, but my character running around as if he was still good to go. Morale abilities still seem dicey, too. I thought those got fixed?

And worst of all was that after a while it just got dull. Granted the Monastery is just a BO, not a Keep or anything. But the two sides squared off. Every so often someone would feint, and either draw a member of the opposing side into concentrated fire, or stumble into it themselves. Destruction would retreat to their camp when things started going badly for them, and we’d retreat into ours when things went bad for us.

So I decided to do some PvE, but from my station in Bohsenfels (right in the center of Ostland) all my quest markers were way on the far side of the map, which a) seemed like a long way to run and b) was probably going to be too tough for me. I guess I need to head to one of the other pairings and do some T2 PvE there to level up some?

I dunno, maybe subconsciously I’d already made up my mind, but after two hours I was pretty much ready to shut down and do something else. Maybe I’ll try again tomorrow when I’m fresh and not all frazzled from a long week at work.

5 thoughts on “Warhammer Revisited

  1. It probably doens’t help that you have active subs for EQ2, LOTRO and WoW, all games that do PvE much better than WAR. At least I know it doesn’t help for me!

  2. It’s true, JayeDuB. Those games all do PvE better, plus have been out long enough to be much more polished.

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