Runes of Magic

I finally got the client d/led the other night (left it downloading from the time I went to bed until I got home from work the next day) so today I installed and patched it.

Oh. My. God. What kind of idiot built this patching system!!? It downloads the patch, then as it applies it, it opens a window for each file it is patching, then closes that window and opens another for the next file. This essentially takes over your computer since these windows all pop to the foreground and become the active window, with a new one spawning every few seconds.

Get the basics down, people. Respect your customer should be the first rule you learn.

I’m too irritated to actually try to play the game; there’s no way I’d be able to give it a fair shake. So so far, downloading the client was a huge pain in the arse, and patching it was an even huger pain in the arse. On a scale of 1-10, RoM gets a 1 from me and I haven’t even started the game yet. Way to make a good first impression!