WAR for Christmas?

Ahhh. Feel that? It’s normalcy. Today is a normal day (well, quasi-normal anyway). Which means a lunch break. Which means pontificating!

So Angela is gone for the weekend and a major snow storm is rolling in. That means lots of potential gaming time. Next week I have 3 days of work than a solid 11 days off, between holidays, weekends, and spending my accrued vacation time. So even more gaming time!

My plan had been to activate Warhammer using that 60-day timecard I bought at Black Friday. I’ve heard good things about patch 1.1 and now there’s some kind of bonus experience thing happening. So it seems like the perfect time to do it: in-game perks and out-of-game free time.

And yet I find myself hesitating. I know that if I go back and War isn’t fun for me this time, that I’ll probably never go back again. So that’s part of it, but that kind of hesitation will be there no matter *when* I go back. There’s always another patch coming, right?

But another part of it is my fellow bloggers. I’m not seeing a lot of Warhammer excitement on blogs these days, and my two biggest bellweathers, Ysh and Bildo, *seem* (and I could just be reading them wrong) to be suffering a bit from the Warhammer Blahs.

And the last part is that I’m afraid my expectations no longer match the game. I continue to read and enjoy the Gotrek & Felix novels and I want to know: where are these great adventures in the game? Are they up there in the higher tiers? Will we fight vampires and giants and travel the paths of the old ones and visit Albion and those strange people? Or are we limited to mostly fighting the armies of the other pairings?

I don’t suppose there’ll ever be a better time to go back, but I feel like I should be more excited about the prospect. Am I just setting myself up for disappointment? Or do I just have cold feet that are keeping me from having a grand old time in War?

6 thoughts on “WAR for Christmas?

  1. Well, if it helps any, I’ve felt like the game’s turned a corner somewhere and gotten a whole lot more fun again. I’m not logging on lost of what to do — on the contrary, I feel like there’s so much to do I don’t know where to start! Lots of new content, better performance, and more of an RvR focus equals the growing seed of addictiveness.

  2. I am reading good things (finally) and CoW-Destruction moving servers will hopefully mean I’ll actually see… you know… multiple players in this massively multiplayer game? But it’s also too soon for me right now. What I’m reading sounds like a positive trend, but not quite yet a positive arrival in a place I expected the game to be at launch. Unless something extraordinary happens, I’ll probably give it another 3 months before I even consider giving it another shot. And if I’m disappointed next time, that will be my final try at WAR.

  3. Well, if you already bought the card, you may as well try it. I just haven’t been able to get back into the game anymore. Something hooked me hard when I first started, but it’s gone now… mostly the game was extremely fun when there was a horde of people around, and the game hasn’t quite recaptured that feeling of wading through a flood of warm, bloodied bodies struggling to survive on the battlefield that it had when it launched.

  4. I’m off 12/30 – 1/02 and probably around alot this weekend since we have our own snow issues — you should come play WoW with me. 🙂

  5. I think I have the blahs in general. It’s not really WAR’s fault — I think what it really is, is 6 months worth of betas and the attendant stresses thereof (crappy interfaces, unfinished systems, bugs coming out your ears, crashing every few minutes (even if sometimes it’s on purpose to see if that really IS a bug))… and so on.

    It’s not WAR’s fault, but some of the more recent patches had me crashing a lot so between beta(ish) fatigue and health stuff, I just didn’t have the energy. It’ll get better I’m sure.

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