Cleaning up

Haven’t done a ton of gaming so far this weekend so haven’t had a lot to post about. I did fiddle around with Nile Online a lot yesterday, but that meant checking in on my city every couple of hours. I’m still enjoying that game quite a bit.

One of my PS3 hard drives was getting pretty full so I spent some time cleaning that up. I watched episodes three through six of Qore, the online magazine on the Playstation Network. It’s an entertaining product, but I’m still unconvinced its worth the price, *unless* you’re all about getting into betas. If it gets you into one beta you’re really jazzed about, then the ~$25/year is probably worth it. (My math there is that the product itself is probably worth $15/year and getting into a beta you really really want to get into is probably worth $10 to you.)

In Warhammer, I put all my characters except my Witch Hunter to bed, mentally. I cleaned out their mailboxes, organized their inventory. In the case of my Shadow Warrior I pushed him to the next Rank so he could wear a cloak I’d sent him from another character. That way he’ll look a bit snazzier when I come back to him in a month or two. Everyone is in a camp now, drinking ale and waiting for my return. Everyone, that is, except my CoW character, who I’ll continue to play right up to the cut-off day, though honestly knowing the account is going to expire soon makes that feel a little sad. At the same time I’m already a little excited about the improvements that will be in the game when I come back to it.

Probably next weekend I’ll fire up the EQ2 account so I can get re-familiarized with things before the expansion lands on the doorstep. Hmm, actually that doesn’t bode well for playing Warhammer next weekend, so maybe this will be the last week for my Witch Hunter.

I played some of The Witcher last night. I bought this game a year or so ago and it wasn’t too good, but they released an “Enhanced Edition” a couple months back and offered a free “upgrade” mega-patch to all registered users of the game. I started a fresh game just before the Fall tsunami of new game releases hit. I’m not very far into it but my conscience has been nagging at me not to lose track of it. I started playing it once on release, then restarted for this enhanced version. I know myself enough to realize that if I totally lose touch with the game and have to restart a third time, I never will.

And it seems like a pretty good game now. It feels a little like a cross between Fable 2 and an MMO, actually. It has a skill-based progression (though with ‘generic’ experience so you don’t sculpt your character via actions like you do in Fable 2), action-ish combat (left click to melee, right click to fire a spell, melee chains via timed button presses) like Fable 2, an alchemy crafting system similar to what you’d find in an MMO (with you getting components from foes you slay), NPCs offering side quests and an apparently huge, MMO-sized world. Anyway, we’ll see. I need to get back to Fable 2 today!

So what’s everyone else been up to this weekend?

8 thoughts on “Cleaning up

  1. I did not play The Witcher when it first came out, but I went and bought the Enhanced version, and I am really enjoying it. Plus it came with some cool extras, was well worth the $40 bucks!

    What server do you play on in EQ2? I am tempted to get the new expansion.

  2. We’re on Lucan d’lere. My highest level is a 38 Berserker, but the woman has characters from Cap on down to lowbie.

  3. Nice, I know I have a few characters on that server as well. My highest is I believe a level 21 beserker, and I really enjoy that class a lot. The last thing I remember doing was my betrayal quest to join Qeynos.

  4. <shameless plug>
    If you’re ever looking for a guild on LDL, Halasian Empire is always recruiting. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Level 52; got a guild hall in North Qeynos with full crafting facilities, all the necessary NPCs and merchants, and an *almost* complete travel hub (still working toward 2 more items!). We’re casual players, mostly solo with occasional grouping, both within the guild and across the guild alliance we joined a while back. Roleplay encouraged, but not required. ๐Ÿ™‚
    </shameless plug>

    I don’t even venture outside most days…just like in real life! LOL…heh… :-/ Hmm.

  5. Probably a main reason for me not sticking with EQ2 for very long is that I don’t know anyone who plays, and never joined a guild as well. I’ve left and comeback many times cause I really like the gameplay and the look of the game.

    I’m not much of a roleplayer, but I always like playing on RP servers because of the community.

  6. Oh wow, our EQ2 characters are on Lucan too. Don’t tempt me.

    Regarding NileOnline, who/what/where are you? I think I’ve reached the “so, this is it…?” stage with it, since I can’t get hold of anything I’d actually need to do anything but build rank 2 and 3 versions of my various basic buildings. ๐Ÿ˜

    Sethat –> Ysharra here. I have gold. That’s about it. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  7. Ysh, My city is Osirisket ยป Sokar and my Pharoah name is Gillain.

    Sounds like its time for you to upgrade your Market. A level 1 Market only displays goods from adjacent areas. I’ve found that going to level 3 gives me good access to lots of product.

    I’m trying to found a new city so I’m kind of playing a waiting game right now… it’s going to take me another day or so to make enough bricks for that.

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