Visiting Altdorf

I have to confess it’s been quite some time since I last visited Altdorf, but after Jobildo shared the location of my two favorite Warhammer characters, Gotrek & Felix, I knew I had to meet them before my time expired.

Turns out, Altdorf is a pretty happening place these days. But I get ahead of myself. I was far from a Flight Master when I made this decision, and rather than go backwards, I forged ahead into the next tier. Along the way I met this guy, Horst Ohersten, a Healer. I couldn’t help but chuckle. Would you trust this guy, with all those examples of his handiwork cooling in the snow?

Anyway the trip was scary and thrilling as there were plenty of beasties that could’ve had me for lunch, but I got to see another zone and I did eventually make it safely to the next warcamp and flight master. So off I went to Altdorf.

I found my way to Gotrek and Felix. Gotrek was as grouchy as I’d expect, but Felix had work for me in the Bright College. While inside, one of the wizards there asked me to run an errand. And outside I met a peasant with some crazy tale of man-sized rats…which turned out to be true! As I was prowling the streets looking for barrels doing a jig, I wandered past the Blow Hole and got involved in a PQ there. Won first place and got a nice cloak that won’t be wearable until 21. Something to look forward to when I get back.

I’m not sure if these quests scale or what, but all the mobs I had to fight were standard level 20 mobs: perfect sized for a level 17 Witch Hunter to brawl with. Decent kill experience, too. I made about half a level just pottering around in Altdorf, and there’s still more to do in there. This came at a perfect time as manageable solo empire quests were getting pretty thin back in Tier 2.

So don’t forget about Altdorf if you’re out there looking for PvE fun in Warhammer!

One thought on “Visiting Altdorf

  1. Finally!! *hehe*
    You may recall some weeks back when I messaged you in xfire that I’d made a wonderful discovery in Altdorf and seriously suggested you should spend some time pottering about there, especially along the docks ! 🙂 That was when I’d come across Gotrek & Felix myself. I was going to hand in a quest and just stumbled into them. Was a major highlight.
    From what I have seen PQs in Altdorf don’t really scale but several of them have pockets of different level mobs to meet the requirements. One of the first I did was the Walk of the Dead and I was low teens killing level 10 zombies and skeletons in an alley along the dock. Just around a few buildings in the streets were level 20ish undead that also met the requirements.

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