Detox Battle

Astute observers will notice I have 2 ‘detox’ lifestyle/recipie books in the sidebar. I’ve already finished The Raw Food Detox Diet and I’ve started in on The Great American Detox Diet. I’m totally new to this ‘detox’ concept, and totally lost. I figured if I could read a couple of books and compare them, maybe someone else can learn from my trial and error.

Natalia Rose is the nutrition director for The Frederic Fekkai Spa, while Alex Jamieson is perhaps best known as the fiance of Morgan Spurlock, the guy who did the documentary Super Size Me. The system in her book is the same one she used to ‘detox’ Morgan after he came off his 100% McDonald’s diet.

Being one person, I can’t really compare the results of following the programs in the two books, but I can at least give my thoughts as to what parts seem manageable and what parts might seem a bit extreme to me.