I watched Secretary tonight, starring James Spader and Maggie Gyllenhaal. Short synopsis. Gyllenhaal is the secretary, fresh out of a mental institute where she was placed for self-mutilation. Spader is the lawyer in need of a new employee. His gig is that he’s a “Dom” and so drives most of his employees away. We get an inkling of this when, right under his shingle is a carefully painted “Secretary Wanted” sign with a set of lights around it, like a Vacancy sign at a motel.

Mix these two together and you get a quick exploration of the D/s lifestyle. It was pretty interesting to see such a niche fetish getting the Hollywood treatment. Lee (Gyllenhaal) thrives more and more as lawyer Grey (Spader) gets more and more demanding, until they come to a climax, so to speak, and Grey starts feeling guilty/remorseful, not believe that Lee is really into this lifestyle.

Some folks will be disgusted by the movie, others, like me, will just find it an interesting curiosity, and you D/s folks will find it a total turn-on.