House of Flying Daggers

Wow, what a trip. House of Flying Daggers is a rather amazing spectacle. It’s full of crazy martial arts special effects similar to Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon but without going so far as to seem totally silly. And the cinematography was just stunning. The Bamboo Forest scenes alone were worth the price of admission.

The story itself is a classic love triangle affair, with a nice dose of espionage and things not being what they seem. “House of Flying Daggers” is the name of an rebel outfit. If you’re more up on Chinese history than I am, you could probably name the government and tell me if it was really corrupt. Anyway, their ‘special talent’ is, obviously, throwing daggers. But they’re darn good swordsmen as well.

One of their agents, a blind dancer (played by the lovely Ziyi Zhang) is caught by the local police/army. One of the officers then poses as a bandit and frees her, after which he tries to get her to lead him back to Flying Daggers HQ. But as I said, all is not what it appears.

Absolutely a fantastic movie. If you have *any* taste for martial arts, get this film. Even if you feel neutral about martial arts, still get it!

One thing to note, though. If you buy it, play it right away. It would appear that there are some bad copies out in retail. My first copy started to skip about two thirds of the way through, and a Google search tells me there’ve been a lot of problems with the DVD. A second copy worked fine. Also, frankly, the print isn’t as good as it should be. I’d love to see a collector’s edition come out with a better quality print and more extras!