Bubba Ho-Tep

Spent a lazy afternoon today watching Bubba Ho-Tep, the Bruce Campbell flic that just hit DVD.

Very silly movie. Campbell plays Elvis Presley, who is alive and semi-well and living in a nursing home. Ossie Davis plays a fellow who thinks he’s JFK. (Elvis: “Jack, you know Kennedy was a white man, right?” Jack: “That’s shows the genius of their plan! They dyed me!!”) Well it turns out an ancient egyptian pharoh has come back from the dead and is feeding on the souls of the old folks at the home, so the two old boys decide to put a stop to it.

Cheesy effects, a silly premise…its a just-plain-weird movie. Sadly it wasn’t great. It was really slow to get going, and a lot of Elvis’s problems give the film an R rating that could’ve easily been PG with a few minor script changes (I thought).

Still a kindof fun mindless Saturday matinee kind of flick.