Star Trek: Enterprise Season Finale

I think this is the last in my ‘finale’ posts. 🙂

[SPOILERS for ST: Enterprise season finale follow!!]

I have to say I’m enjoying Enterprise these days. The whole ‘expanse’ thing kinda worked for me. Archer continues in a long line of weak captains, but the supporting cast is ok by me. Flox is probably my favorite, but I’m perhaps rare in my appreciation for T’Pol. In particular this emotion thing she’s going through seems to be raising the ire of many of my Trek loving pals, but I think its great.

The ‘pure’ Vulcan in Voyager, I think, showed how damn DULL real Vulcans are. Spock was great because he was a half-vulcan and so had that conflict going, and now T’Pol has a similar conflict going on. And I think Jolene Blalock has those Vulcan mannerisms down, too. She seems a bit less sexed up this season, even though she’s having sex.

All in all, I’m enjoying Enterprise.

And the season finale really did a great job, I thought. We got the current arc wrapped up so it wasn’t one of those frustrating cliff-hanger endings. I hate those since by September you really no longer care, or don’t remember the details, or something. But this was a nice wrap-up of the arc, and I loved the appearance of the.. Andorians? The blue guys.

But we still got a cliff-hanger!! And how cool was that. So in September we’ll just have to remember “Oh yeah, they got transported back in time. Now what!!?” and keep on enjoying

If, that is, Enterprise gets renewed. I really hope it does.

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  1. ST: Enterprise is actually the number one show in its timeslot in this market. Since that’s the case, and the best local morning radio jocks are huge trekkies, Scott Bakula is often a guest on the show. (And, as a sidenote, Bob Rivers (one of the DJs) was one of the extras in that last episode — he’s had some really interesting and fun bits of gossip to disclose these last weeks. But I digress…) As the season has come to a close, Scott has been very positive about the show continuing. So seems like there’s a very good chance your hopes will be realized. Did you know they filmed several different endings so no one would know, even on the set, how it would end?

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