Gillain’s Journal – Day 9

So much has happened I don’t know where to begin. Should I tell you about joining forces with guild members and taking the fight to the orcs of Redridge in a way most terrifying to behold? Should I tell you about earning enough coin to don my new tabard? About making my 20th cycle of training? Should I tell you about my early excursions into Duskwood, or meeting (and dying at the hands of) the Abomination known as Stitches when it attacked the town of Darkshire. Or what about the bizarre spectacle of a two-headed ogre standing outside Stormwind turning passersby into chickens?

All that and much more has happened since last I wrote, but what I’d really like to tell you about is a battle I just fought. It was against a band of 3 Troggs, hidden in their caves in southern Loch Modan. I want to tell you this because I want you to know what the life of a rogue is like. Besides, frankly, I’m damned proud of my accomplishments.

The mountaineers had told me taking out this band would be easy, I suppose because the Troggs weren’t as well trained as I am (I was in my 19th cycle, they in their 16th). The fact that there were 3 of them and an army of Troggs to get past first didn’t seem to factor into consideration. Officers…bah!

Just getting to the cave was something of a chore. A long narrow valley heavily patrolled by Troggs led to the opening. Often there are other adventurers here to help keep the valley clear but this night, I was alone. Slowly I worked my way up the valley, sapping Troggs and dispatching them as swiftly and silently as I was able. A few times things got out of control and I had to flee once, but eventually I had the cave mouth in sight…and it was heavily guarded.

I slipped into the shadows and silently moved past the guards. One stared right at me, and I was sure he saw me, but then he went back to scratching himself and I entered the cave. I let me eyes get used to the dimness. Troggs were everywhere. Patrolling, standing about. Everywhere.

I got out of sight of the cave mouth and went to work. Using stealth to sneak up behind one Trogg after another. Ambushing this one and Sapping that one and throwing a knife at the next. Slowly, methodically, I killed the creatures for what seemed like hours. But I could not find this band of leaders, until finally I looked up. I could see a kind of balcony up above the cave floor, and though no being could be seen on it, it seemed a likely enough spot.

I pulled out the rough map of the cave I’d been given, and saw a branch that I’d completely overlooked. I had to return almost back to the mouth of the cave to reach it, and that meant killing the reinforcements that had arrived since I’d cleared the way in. So much blood…but a soldier does what he must do, and whether Stormwind says so or not, the Peoples of the Alliance are at war; make no mistake.

Finally I drew near. The path circled upward in a broad spiral. A few last sentries fell to my daggers, and there was my prey, guarding a treasure chest. Now came the ‘easy’ part. First I sharpened my daggers and made sure I head a healing potion handy. Then I slipped up behind one of the warband and Sapped him into a stupor. His two fellows immediately attacked. No one had told me that the leader was a shaman! Bolts of energy burned me, stunned me. My life force almost spent, I quaffed a healing potion and fought on. I used all my abilities and one of the Troggs fell, but just as he did so the Sapped one shook off his stupor and engaged me. I tired to flee but it was too late. The Troggs don’t fight well but their magic is quite effective and soon I was hearing the soothing voice of a Spirit Healer.

In hindsight my mistake was not going for the leader; the shaman. I didn’t realize he was a shaman until after the fight began, but rather than stubbornly sticking to one target, I should’ve gone after him. Too late now. My ethereal form ran back to my body. Luckily not many reinforcements had arrived. I rose from the dead and immediately started to eat; you know how ravenous a reincarnation leaves you. Before I’d gotten much strength back, a Trogg reinforcement arrived and attacked. I dispatched it and ate more, finally feeling my old self. But where there was one reinforcement, there’d be others. I had to work quickly.

Sneaking back up the spiral, I saw that only two of the warband still stood. The one I’d killed lay nearby. Good. Same tactic should work again. I snuck up, Sapped the same poor devil as the first time and this time, I engaged the shaman. We fought back like a devil, showering me with burning magics. The Sapped fellow came to and now I had them both to fight, but the shaman was about done for and he dropped. Now it was one on one, but I was hurt and tired. Still, I was more experienced and I was feeling confident.

Too confident, it would seem, as the wretch looked into my eyes and turned and fled. I chased but not quickly enough. The Trogg leader had found help. Now again it was two against one. The leader fell, mission accomplished! But it’d be nice to get out alive and I was very near to not being. But then the newcomer fled. I plucked a throwing dagger free and flung it, and it caught the villain between the shoulders and it dropped…right at the feet of yet another Trogg, who charged me.

Barely alive but with a bit of wind, I gouged the eyes of the newcomer, darted behind and sunk a dagger into his back. He spun just in time for me to Eviscerated him, a great gout of blood and guts staining the wall of the cavern as the wretch dropped at my fee.

It was over. I slumped to the ground for food to sustain me and help my wounds heal. Then I looted the chest and all 5 bodies. I’d had enough killing for one day. I snuck out past many Trogg reinforcements. I thought for sure I’d have to fight but luck was with me and not a one noticed me slither past.

Back at the South Tower, I picked up my reward and was taught enough to make my 20th cycle. Now I need to find a trainer…I’m ready to learn the art of poisoning…

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  1. wonderingful telling, it felt like i was reading a d&d book. glad u were able ot make it all the way through, all the levels were worth it i’m sure. well i was juts browsing around, and found ur name fascinating, so i thought i check it out. i was surprised at how detail and excellent ur writing are, i’ll definitley be back again. =)

    take care now, and happy hunting.

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