Gillain’s Journal – Day 8

Had a long day full of travel and adventure. Too long to recount it all here so I’ll just touch on the details.

First, I met up with Terran who gifted me with some leatherworking patterns, and used his skills of smithing to craft me a new knife, which he gave me for a song (he asked 15 silver when his material cost was 12 silver! I gave him 20). Later in the day, Milgara gave me a nice new pair of gloves.

I entered my 18th cycle of training finally, and our guild, The Morgantis, registered a tabard pattern. Several of the ladies immediately donned our new colors and didn’t they look fine!?

From an adventuring point of view, probably the highlight was heading out to Darkshire to buy some moonshine. What a creepy place that is, and way to dangerous for the likes of me. I did find a gryphon handler out there, though, so should I need to I can fly back.

Oh! And I spent some time fishing, and got a lot better at it. I didn’t catch much besides ‘junk’ fish which sold for almost nothing, but now I can try my hand at more interesting prey in other bodies of water.

Aside from that, a ton of fighting all over Westfall and Redridge. I won’t bore you with the details other than to say it was all quite satisfying and much good was done.