Gillain’s Journal – Day 7

During my hunt for Harvest Golems (for their oil) I stopped off at Sentinel Hill to talk to Gryan Stoutmantle, and he urged me to once again take up arms in the People’s Militia’s war on the Defias Brotherhood. He pled his case well and I agreed. He also asked that I keep an eye out for a certain messenger.

Luck was with me in the case of the Golems. I rid the fields of the monstrosities while collecting the oil needed for the Lighthouse. Then I headed to a cave Aliera had showed me. The messenger was supposed to dwell inside, and outside of it was the particular branch of the Brotherhood that Stoutmantle had sent me after.

This branch is made up entirely of mages. Have I mentioned how much I hate fighting mages? One on one they’re fine…easy even, as a swift kick to their gut will disrupt any spell they’re trying to cast. But when I have one opponent in my face and a mage starts slamming me with spells from far away well…it hurts a lot.

It soon became clear that I wasn’t going to be strong enough to fight my way into this cave alone, and I resigned myself to telling Stoutmantle I was the wrong guy for this ‘kill the messenger’ job. But I had wiped out the casters, as requested, so I headed back to let him know I wasn’t totally useless.

And who should I meet coming down the road towards me but… that Defias Messenger! We fought, briefly, and he died. I took up his parcel and carried it back to Stoutmantle, who seemed pleased enough. Then I headed back to the Lighthouse to give the ghost captain his oil.

All in all, a good day full of accomplishments. The only thing that really went bad was my fight with old Murk-Eye, a powerful murloc that the ghost captain asked me to put down. He turned out to be too powerful for me, and I had to ask the Spirit Healers for aid in coming back from beyond several times before giving up on the villain…for now.