No posts for a few days because work has kept me mighty busy and when I have had some free time I’ve just been playing Fire Emblem or Horizons. Not much worth reporting there, other than both continue to be fun.

Tonight I watched the first two Sharpe movies. I’ve seen these before, on Masterpiece Theater or The History Channel, but seeing them on DVD just makes them so much better.

Sharpe, played by Sean Bean, is kind of a Napoleonic superhero. Raised from the ranks to become an officer after he saved Arthur Wellesley’s (soon to be Lord Wellington’s) life, he leads a company of riflemen/sharpshooters into all kinds of daring exploits, along the way wooing women and making a name for himself.

The movies are based on the truly wonderful books by Bernard Cornwell, starting with Sharpe’s Rifles. In book or movie form, the Sharpe stories are very enjoyable indeed. You can get the DVD’s from the BBC America Shop website in 4 & 3 packs, but buying them individually at Amazon is actually cheaper.