Game Over

Tonight was the first episode of the new animated series, Game Over. Its supposed to tell the story of a family of video game characters when they’re not working. I was surprised to find myself more or less enjoying it. I loved the inside gamer jokes that kept popping up (no spoilers) and I’m also a fan of Patrick Warburton (who you’ll remember played The Tick in the live-action series of that cartoon, as well as the henchmen of the villain in The Emperor’s New Groove) who plays the father.

I have to say I never would’ve placed Lucy Liu (who plays the mom) if I hadn’t looked up the voice credits, but she did a nice job.

For me, enjoyment of the show will depend a lot on how much airtime “Turbo” (the vile family pet) gets, as I didn’t like that character much at all.

I’ll definitely watch it again, though. I went into it expecting a train wreck and found instead an OK show.