Angel Error

At the risk of proving what you’ve already suspected — that I’m a complete and utter geek-nerd — I have to draw your attention to a Major Error in the “100th Episode” of Angel (the one in which Cordelia returns). And yes, I’m sure this has been pointed out by many others, but darnit, I’m behind in my Tivo watching.

Anyway, in this Angel ep, Spike is shown playing a video game. We’re facing him so we can’t see the screen, but we can see the console. It’s an XBox. But we can also hear the sounds, and he’s playing Donkey Kong, of all things! In fact his dialog even says something about a big ape throwing barrels.

So what’s up with that? Playing Donkey Kong on an XBox? If they’d gone with Galaga or something, we could pass it off as him playing one of those Namco Museum type games, but a Nintendo property on Micrsoft hardware! That just ain’t right!!! 🙂

I jest of course. Actually, it was a pretty damned potent episode, and yet one more reason to lament the fact that the show has been cancelled.