A Huge Diamond in Space

Universe Today – Astronomers Find a Huge Diamond in Space

This is a mostly silly piece; perfect for passing on to the kids or something. But I found the basic idea that the core of a white dwarf becomes a huge crystal to be kind of interesting.

One thought on “A Huge Diamond in Space

  1. You know what’s really mind-bending about this article, at least it was for me…

    The line about our sun burning out in 5 billion years. I know that’s a known fact, but it’s one of those details that we often forget about. To be reminded, then start thinking about what life on Earth could even possibly be like in 5 billion years, and to be one of those humans that is confronted with the ultimate “light’s out”, assuming there are even humans still around…

    Well, it boggles me poor wee blonde brain. In a really-cool-to-think-about, pass the doobie sort of way.

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