Moving house

As you can see, we’re in a bit of a transition state just now. Moving to WordPress, the follow-on to the b2 software we had been running (listen to me with the “we” stuff as though there were more than just me here).

I think I’ve got all the data imported, though I’ve dropped all comments since 90% of them were porn spam and I don’t have the time or patience to clean it all up.

Tonight I’ll start working on look and feel…

Comments now need to be approved, so if you leave a comment and it doesn’t show up right away, that’s why. Down the road I hope to figure a way to make comment appear immediately for friends, but have to be moderated for strangers (just to keep the spammers away).

2 thoughts on “Moving house

  1. Heh. Thanks, but what it looks like right now is actually the default ‘skin’ so its the WordPress designers who should get the props!

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