Normally I’m one to hold a grudge forever, but just this once I’ve decided to put the past behind me. I detested NetFlix for a LONG time because of their very intrusive pop-up ads (they’d open a full-screen sized browser window to spam you with their ad) and never wanted to support them.

But after trying out the game rental place I saw how cool and convenient this system could be. I checked with a co-worker who has only good things to say about the service, and the last straw was seeing that they have a decent amount of anime.

So I signed up. It’s $20/month and you can have 3 discs out at a time. Keep them for a day or forever, as long as you’re paying that $20. My first 3 discs should ship to me today. I’ll let you know how well the service works. I do already have one gripe, though. When they say 3 discs, them mean 3 discs. So if there’s a special edition of a movie with a bonus disc of material, you have to order the bonus disc separately.